Journal by The Plant Sociey

In this featured interview series, we meet plant people, gardeners and creators who make plant related goods to introduce their delightful life with plants.

Words: Rei Yamakura @idreit_comText

The Plant Society Journal 03
A life with plants : Arcadia Scott

In this interview series with plant people, we visited a new studio of Melbourne-based potter Arcadia Scott for our third story. Her works are very popular for their lovely shapes and delicate touch. This time, we will introduce her motivation for ceramics and her studio where you can see lots of cheerful greenery in Coburg North.

The Plant Society Journal 02
A life with plants : Hiroyuki Ogura

We meet Japanese designer Hiroyuki Ogura, a director of Osaka-based interior design studio Drawers. Hiroyuki is also known as the founder of the ethical product brand wa/ter (@water_products_design), which he founded in 2020.

The Plant Society Journal 01
A life with plants : Anno Leon

We meet Anno Leon, a DJ and a photography enthusiast who is also known for being a big fan of the Begonia plant family.