Apricot Spotlines Wood Fired Planter by Sandra Bowkett

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Sandra Bowkett is a ceramicist living in Tallarook, Victoria. Working in ceramics for over 30 years.
Sandra’s handmade vessels have been preceded by years of throwing bowls and exploring the use of porcelain clays, simple hand forming techniques and the use of earth materials to create elementary decorative motifs. The clay body is pushed to its physical limits until a satisfying form is reached. The combination of clay and oxide at the high temperature of the firing is evidence of the magic of the ceramic process.

Sandra's woodfired vessels are all woodfired in her self built woodfire kiln at her studio in rural Victoria. 

*Note for This product : Each planter is slightly different. The Plant Society celebrate the uniqueness in each handmade planter and are excited to share this joy with you!
We will contact you if it's very different from the photo before we send out to show the planter we can offer.

- Have drainage hole and come with drip tray

- Pattern will vary slightly. Each planter is unique.


110mm L x 110mm W x 110mm H

120mm L x 120mm W x 140mm H

*As these pots have been handmade sizes and pattern will vary slightly.

Sandra Bowkett