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This is a multi-functional "self-care styling oil" that can be used on nails, hands, hair, and various other areas. In addition to using only natural essential oils, we pay particular attention to the quality of each essential oil, and have designed and formulated a deep fragrance that will make you want to smell it again and again. 

You can choose your favourite scent from 4 types according to the occasion and condition. The base formulation is a blend of several carefully selected organic oils. The natural power of plants moisturises your skin and hair, leaving it supple and radiant. We also recommend using it as a personal aroma by taking deep breaths and enjoying its scent. Stylishly and easily take care of your mind and skin anytime, anywhere.

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How to use:

When you feel dry or want to change your mood, apply a thin layer to your nails, hands, arms, temples, neck, hair, etc. The scent is designed to soothe your mind, so if you put a few drops on the back of your hand, spread it thinly, and take a deep breath, you can enjoy the scent even more deeply. You can enjoy each scent and the beauty effects of the oil in various situations such as while working, going out, bath time, before bed, or relaxing time. We offer a roll-on type (7ml) and a dropper type double-capacity bottle (16ml), so you can do self-care styling anytime and anywhere, and it will instantly lead you to the person you want to be. We also recommend using it in conjunction with base hand cream (sold separately) for an even more moisturizing effect.



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