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Without using water *1 , it is based on rice bran water and natural frankincense distilled water, and contains adaptogenic herbs such as chaga *2 , ashwagandha *3 , and licorice *4 , which are attracting attention and are said to condition skin that is prone to stress. A toner (lotion) formulated to keep your skin healthy. Contains Miravibe leaf extract *5 , Kigafarm fruit extract *6 , and Bourbine frutescens leaf juice *7 , which grow naturally in the harsh arid regions of South Africa . Protects your skin from dryness and keeps it moisturized. The alcohol-free formula is gentle and can be used regardless of skin type. A skin care item full of the blessings of nature, with a subtly sweet and smoky scent, a light and fresh texture, and the ability to fully feel the energy of plants.

Main moisturizing and skin conditioning ingredients
<Adaptogen herbs>

Ashwagandha *3
An extract obtained from the root of Ashwagandha, which has been used in Ayurveda since ancient times. It is said to not only prevent skin roughness, but also lead to firmer and more elastic skin.

Chaga *2
A mushroom that grows in cold and harsh regions such as Russia and Canada, and grows while storing nutrients in various trees as hosts. It is called the "diamond of the forest" and is said to lead to firmer skin and is also suitable for anti-aging care *8 .

Licorice *4
A Japanese and Chinese plant that has been known in Japan since ancient times. Glycyrrhizic acid evens out and smoothes skin texture. It is also said to prevent freckles caused by sunburn.

<Plant extract native to Africa>

Miravibe Leaf Extract *5
Extracted from Mylothamnus flabellifolia, which grows wild on the dry rocky mountains of the African continent. It contains tannins, 3,4,5 Tri-o-galloylkinic acid, and trehalose, and is said to support the skin's moisture balance. Protects your skin from damage caused by dryness and keeps it moisturized.

Bourbine frutescens leaf juice *7
A plant endemic to southern Africa, it is said to have been used as a skin medicine in Africa since ancient times. Acetylated polymannose and clifonin promote collagen production and are expected to have the effect of improving wrinkles.

Kiga Farm Fruit Extract *6
Kigeria Africa is a large tree that is distributed throughout Africa, and this extract is extracted from the fruit that grows there. Contains verminoside and flavonoids, which not only prevent skin roughness, but also make the skin firm and elastic.

    • *1 Excluding water contained in extract
    • *2 Inonotus obliquus extract
    • *3 Withania somnifera root extract
    • *4 Licorice root extract
    • *5 Mylothamnus flabellifolia leaf extract
    • *6 Kigelia africana fruit extract
    • *7 Bourbine frutescens leaf juice
    • *8 Care according to age
    • (*2-7 skin conditioning ingredients)

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    Rice bran water, pomegranate gum water, BG, propanediol, bourbinefrutescens leaf juice, pentylene glycol, Mylothamnus flabellifolia leaf extract, Withania somnifera root extract, Inonotus obliqueus extract, Kigelia africana fruit extract, licorice root extract, citric acid, sodium citrate, glycerin, water

    How to use:

    After washing your face, spray 2 to 3 pumps over the entire face, neck, and décolleté, then gently press your hands to blend in thoroughly. When you want a more moisturizing effect or are concerned about dryness, we recommend layering. Enjoying the clear frankincense scent while taking care of yourself will enrich your self-care time. After application, moisturize with Ultimate Oil Serum (sold separately). It leads to a more glossy and moisturized state.



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