Succulent Babies

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The perfect addition to a window sill, table, shelf.

Succulents are available in all shapes and sizes from the common garden plants to the rare and unusual plants that are rarely ever seen even in society shows. 

People are attracted to succulents due to their symmetry, compact growth and variability, they are also highly prized for their remarkable flowers with some producing blooms larger than themselves.

You'll receive one succulent baby from a choice of arid plants.

*Assorted succulent will be posted. If you have a preference of plant type please leave a note.

*As plants are natural products, form, pattern and colour will vary slightly.


Skill level


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Prefers bright light to harsh light.

Water sparingly and keep mostly dry. Water once the surface of the soil looks dry.

Feed with slow-release fertiliser once every six months (refer to packaging for dosage). In the warmer months, feed monthly with a liquid fertiliser.

Cool to warm.

This is a general guide of the size we offer:

Size 1: 70mm - 100mm pot

Size 2: 110mm-130mm pot

Size 3: 140mm - 180mm pot

Size 4: 200mm pot

Size 5: 250mm pot

Size 6: 300mm pot

Size 7: 350mm pot

Size 8: 400mm pot