PowerFeed Concentrate

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To keep your garden vibrant, healthy and blooming apply PowerFeed All Purpose including Natives. It’s an organically based fertiliser and soil conditioner which takes care of the whole garden, as it's safe on all plants including natives, vegies, lawns and soils.

PowerFeed All Purpose including Natives, is a unique formula that combines the benefits of macronutrients, fish and natural soil conditioners. It boosts plant growth and vigour, promotes flowering and fruiting by providing nitrogen, potassium, trace elements, protein and amino acids.

It also contains liquid composts, which stimulate beneficial soil microbial activity, promote good soil structure and increase nutrient availability, so it looks after plants above and below the ground. 

-Made in Australia

Size: 600ml, 1L & 4L

Simply add the concentrate to your watering can at the correct ratio, and water you plants as usual. No need to add any extra steps to your plant care routine - just add once and water in.