Automatic Watering Device

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Size Dark Grey 750ml

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Moisture Matic® is an automatic pot plant watering device that utilizes a wick to transfer water from a reservoir to the potting mix.

As the moisture is delivered below the surface of the potting mix, evaporation is virtually eliminated, with typically 5 ml or less per day being lost through evaporation for a 200 mm diameter plastic pot.

Perfect for providing additional moisture to your plants in the warmer months.

Details and Materials:

- Plastic - Green or Dark Grey

- The 350 ml size is ideal for pots 120-200 mm with a rim of up to 20mm
- The 750 ml size is ideal for pots 200-400 mm with a rim of up to 20mm


- 350ml OR 750ml

Moisture Matic

Photo : Plant Styling with
-Fruit Salad Plant (Monstera deliciosa)