Essential Oils by Maison Balzac

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Scent Le Soleil

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    Le Soleil

    The Le Soleil essential oil tells a fragranced story of summer mornings spent in an orange grove, where fresh citrus scents bring energy and positivity.

    • Olfactive notes: Orange, Cedar, Juniperberry

    Le Soir 

    ('the evening' in French). As the day finishes, it is crucial to unwind and calm the sense to ease into the night.

    The oil of tangerine purifies and calms the mind, it relieves stress. Cedarwood oil has a soothing effect and induces restorative sleep. Myrrh oil has been used for fragrance and embalming. It helps to remain calm and balanced.

    • Olfactive notes: Tangerine, Cederwood & Myrrh

    Le Jardin

    Le Jardin essential oil evokes an intricate symphony of insects, flowers and patience brought to life by the bitter scent of citrus leaves and the sweet fragrance of white flowers.

    • Olfactive notes: Lemon leaf, Neroli & Jasmine

      25ml Amber Glass bottle

      Blended In Australia

      Maison Balzac