Lily Stake by Alison Parkinson

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Lily Stakes hand crafted by artist Alison Parkinson. These ornamental pieces are perfect for displaying in vases or used to stake your indoor plants. Style them in your garden and use them as water sources for your local bee life.

Alisons Biography

Alison attended art school, she taught art, restored furniture and has been a creator all her life.

Oil painting, ceramic and bronze sculptures and drawing are her chosen modalities; these used to express herself and her world of inspiration.

Alison has participated in many exhibitions and has a constant stream of portraiture and landscape commissions. The Convent Gallery in Daylesford regularly exhibits her work.

Parkinson taught drawing at the Art Gallery of Ballarat.

This opened her interest in ceramic and bronze busts. To find the personality in the clay.

Living in the beauty of Mount Prospect for the last 22 years, she recently has been painting landscapes and creating posters around the AustNet Tower protests.

Alison has had exhibitions (both solo and collaborative), in various commercial galleries around Australia.


Details and Materials

Porcelain and steel

Size (mm)

approx 50 cm L x 10 cm W


Alison Parkinson