Korean BBQ Sauce 300g by Kaokao Miso

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Sweet, Garlicky, Gingery and slightly spicy!

This Korean BBQ sauce is an all-purpose sauce perfect for pork, chicken, red meat, veggies—everything!

You can use it as a marinade, as a dipping sauce, as Dressing and for stir-fries. 

SoySauce (SOYBEANS, WHEAT, Salt), Sake (Rice-koji, Salt, Glucose, Acid) Sesame Oil, SESAME SEED, Sugar, Mirin (Water, Rice, Alcohol), Honey, Vegetables, Seasoning, Apricot Jam (Cane sugar, Apricots, Fruits Pectin, Acid), ChiliPowder, ChiliPaste (WHEAT flour, Corn Syrup, Water, Chilli powder, Salt, Wine, SOYBEAN, Vegetables, Glucose, Koji, Yeast extract)

Size: 300g

KaoKao Miso - Daylesford