Metal Watering Can by Haws

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Colour Green Metal with Rose 1000mL

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This metal watering can become an heirloom piece in your gardening kit.

There is nothing more important than a good watering can.
We recommend having two types in your toolkit, a large one with a spray spout attachment for watering large plants (the spray spout allows you to rinse the leaves and clean off any dust that may be present) and a smaller one with a long narrow spout to get past the foliage and easily water at the base of plants on shelves or up high.

- Hot dipped galvanised metal
- Powder-coated finish
- Narrow spout
- Removable Brass round fine spray rose (not set for 500ml or 1000ml option without rose)
- Handmade in the UK

- 295mm L x 115mm W x 110mm H

- 350mm L x 115mm W x 160mm H

- 810mm L x 210mm W x 340mm H