Fiddle-Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata 'Bambino')

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Dwarf Fiddle-Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata 'Bambino')

The fiddle-leaf fig has been a popular plant with its recent resurgence. As many have experienced it isn’t the easiest of plants to care for and requires a good source of natural lighting and warmer temperatures. It can grow very large indoors and has beautiful violin-shaped leaves with strong veining. These specimen plants are perfect for styling in living spaces that allow them to be admired as large trees. - try them on the floor in your dining room or living room. Self-watering pots are perfect for keeping watering under control.


Photo: Planter Styling with 

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*As plants are natural products, form, pattern and colour will vary slightly.

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Size 1   70mm - 100mm pot

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Size 3  140mm - 180mm pot

Size 4  200mm pot

Size 5  250mm pot

Size 6  300mm pot

Size 7  350mm pot

Size 8  400mm pot

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Alternative names

Ficus pandurata


Prefers indirect light with small amounts of direct light. Try placing your fiddle-leaf fig near a north facing window that gets 3-4 hours of direct light per day and indirect light for the rest of the time.

Only water once the topsoil has dried (use your finger to check) and water sparingly - one cup every two weeks is enough, even in the warmer months. If you live in a warm house assess whether your plant requires watering more regularly or a good drench. Reduce watering in the cooler months and allow the plant to dry out longer between drinks. Try reducing watering to one cup, once a month.

Feed with slow-release fertiliser once every six months (refers to packaging for dosage).In the warmer months, feed monthly with a liquid fertiliser.