Devil's Ivy (Epipremnum aureum)

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Devil's Ivy (Epipremnum aureum)

Devil’s Ivy is one of the most common houseplants available and is perfect for a beginner. It can handle a range of conditions and is forgiving if slightly neglected. Its glossy, heart-shaped leaves become variegated with yellow or white marbling and its long trailing growth makes it perfect for styling shelves, side tables or training up a pole or trellis. Devil’s Ivy suits a wide range of spaces and can be pruned back to control its size or to encourage denser growth.

*Pot sold separately.

*As plants are natural products, form, pattern and colour will vary slightly.

*Larger pot sizes (Size 4 and above) are ONLY available for Local Pickup or Local Delivery within 5km of our stores.

Skill level


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Alternative names

Money plant, devil’s vine, ivy arm, silver vine

Prefers filtered to bright light

Keep moist over the warmer months but not drenched. Water less in the cooler months and allow the soil to dry out longer between watering.

Feed with slow-release fertiliser once every month (refer to packaging for dosage).In the warmer months, feed twice with a liquid fertiliser.

Cool to warm.

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