Convertible Jet Washer Wand with Watering Nozzle by Takagi

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A versatile garden wand for watering and cleaning. 

This convertible jet washer wand is suitable for various outdoor cleaning purposes and comes with a separate shower head attachment for watering plants. 

The 3 different jet functions are ideal for all outdoor cleaning jobs: Cars, outdoor furniture, windows, caravan, boat, pool covers, tools and more. The 3 different selectable jet patterns are Straight Jet, Wide Jet and Rain Jet.

The nozzle head is 180 degrees adjustable, so usually hard-to-reach places can be accessed easily (like a car roof or the underside of a trailer; or in the case of the shower head attached: Watering of hanging flower baskets). 

The wand is nicely balanced and weighs under 250 g, so it can be used for longer jobs while preventing arm fatigue. For continuous water flow, the handle can be locked in the release position. Furthermore, the water volume can be adjusted with a turnable knob, making this a great all-around wand for cleaning jobs with a convertible shower head for watering plants.

Of course, the product is compatible with conventional 'snap-on' quick-connectors.  

Key benefits:

  • Jet washing wand with shower head attachment for watering included

  • Freely movable head (180 degrees) for comfortable use and hard-to-reach areas (e.g. Cleaning of car roofs; watering of hanging baskets)

  • Water volume (flow) adjustable

  • Lockable release trigger for continuous water flow

  • Jet functions suitable for car washing, cleaning outdoor equipment, patios, footpaths and more

  • Unscrew the jet nozzle and attach the included shower head for watering plants or pots

  • 3 selectable jet patterns:  Straight Jet, Wide Jet, Rain Jet; +1 shower head for watering (Normal Shower)

  • Compatible with conventional systems

3.6cm D x 84.6cm L

Material - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Number of spray patterns - 4