Clay Collectors Gro Pot by Angus & Celeste

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Size Small
Colour Clay

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The Collectors Gro Pots are the latest ‘small size’ planter offering by Angus & Celeste. Available in 2 handy sizes, these petite sized planters are designed for a variety of small plants including succulents and cactus, Phalaenopsis orchids, and a variety of indoor plants.

Great for gifting, the mid-size pot happily fits a 13 cm nursery pot, place the nursery pot directly inside and avoid the need to re-pot. These pots create the perfect windowsill containers and are an exquisite cutting starter pot! Happy grouped as a pair or in multiples, the Collectors Gro Pots inspire to create elegant planted still life scenes. Dress with small pebbles to create more bonsai inspired specimens.

The generous drip tray is glazed in a gloss glaze finish, providing a contrast between the pots matt surface and the glazed tray. Our high-fired porcelain means that plants can also be potted directly into the planter for happier, healthier plants. The Collectors Gro Pots also include a drainage hole in the base, so you can rest assured that your plants will benefit from proper drainage.

Crafted in our signature stained porcelain, the Collectors Gro Pots are available in a variety of contemporary hues.

Photo: Plant Styling with Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomioides), Radiator Plant (Peperomia) & Assorted cacti.

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Details and Materials

-High-fired matte porcelain pot, with high-fired glazed porcelain drip tray.
-Has a drainage hole and comes with drip tray

Size (mm)

120mm D x 85mm H

135mm D x 145mm H

*As these pots have been handmade sizes, pattern and colour will vary slightly.


Angus & Celeste