Betel Pepper Plant (Piper sarmentosum)

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Betel Pepper Plant (Piper sarmentosum)

Betel Pepper plant, Piper betle, is sometimes known as Paan. Leaves of Betel Pepper plant are used to wrap Betel Nuts (the seeds of the Betel Palm, Areca catechu), together with powdered lime to make betel quid. This is a ceremonial ceremonial usage and not a food. Betel Pepper plant is a native of India and prefers well composted, moist, well drained soils in a protected, sunny position. Drought and frost tender.  A tropical evergreen perennial vine, climbing to a length of 3m.

Photo: Planter Styling with Arcadia Scott

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Alternative names

Betel Leaf, Betal Piper Plant


Prefers filtered to bright light

Keep moist over the warmer months but not drenched. Water less in the cooler months and allow the soil to dry out longer between watering.

Feed with slow-release fertiliser once every month (refers to packaging for dosage).In the warmer months, feed twice with a liquid fertiliser.

Cool to warm.