Benaras Incense Tray by Christian Emmanuel

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Style Large Tray

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Handcrafted in Melbourne.

The Benaras series explores a range of forms for decorative and practical uses at home.


As these pieces are handmade they vary in size

Large Tray approximately 20cm D

Medium Tray approximately 11cm D

Use a clean cloth and soapy water to clean. Corrosion may occur if metal is submerged in substances such as Salt or Vinegar (below 6.0pH) for extended periods of time. A natural patina will occur, use brass polish to bring back the shine.

Christian Emmanuel

Christian's Biography

Christian is deeply fascinated by the way form becomes abstract in art; it allows him to communicate in a language beyond words. He also loves how colours hold a language of their own, they enable him to create visual experiences which hopefully resonate with you on a profound level.

His artistic journey is one of continuous exploration; pushing the boundaries of his own ability and creativity. He wants to make things which capture abstract concepts and translate them onto canvas and into made objects.