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Richly blended with organic shea butter *1 , almond oil *2 , and coconut oil *3 . It protects your skin from severe dryness and leaves it soft and smooth. In addition, the texture, which is neither too hard nor too loose, blends into the skin and keeps it moisturized while reducing stickiness. 

You can fully experience its effects when used alone, but by using it in conjunction with Versatile Self Oil (sold separately), the scent is styled to suit your mood and soothes your mind and skin. It also brings more moisture. A hand cream for self-care styling designed with a subtle scent of bergamot and patchouli to harmonize with the scent of each Versatile Self Oil.

Active Ingredients

Shea butter *1
Containing abundant oleic acid and stearic acid, it not only has an excellent moisturising effect, but also has a barrier function that protects your skin from dryness and roughness, leading to a healthy state.

Almond oil *2
It has an excellent moisturising effect because it is rich in oleic acid, and it also contains a lot of vitamin E, which is suitable for anti-aging care *4 , so it is said to have the effect of softening dry and stiff skin.

Coconut oil *3
It contains a lot of lauric acid and vitamin E, which is suitable for aging care *4, and has excellent moisturising power, so it is said to have the effect of keeping the skin moist and making it soft.

*1 Shea butter (emollient ingredient)
*2 Almond oil (skin conditioning ingredient)
*3 Coconut oil (emollient ingredient)
*4 Care according to age

Full Ingredients
Water, glycerin, orange fruit water, almond oil, shea butter, cetearyl alcohol, coconut oil, glyceryl stearate, sodium stearoylglutamate, cetearyl glucoside (derived from wheat), sunflower seed wax, gum arabic, BG, levulinic acid Na, glyceryl caprylate, sodium anisate, xanthan gum, sumac peel wax, sara soju resin, citric acid, unsaponifiables of olive oil, lemon juice, sunflower seed oil, bergamot fruit oil, peony root extract, patchouli oil, tocopherol

When you feel dry or before going to bed, take an appropriate amount and spread it over both hands and arms. When using for hand or foot massage, take an appropriate amount, warm it up a little, and then apply it to both arms and legs. We also recommend using it in conjunction with Versatile Self Oil (sold separately) to create a fresh scent that matches your mood.