Almost a Circle Vase in Rivergum Beige by Anna Varendorff

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This vase is made by A.C.V studio, by hand, from stainless steel and silver solder.

It is a unique object, each vase made differently to the others, and nuances of the making process are evident on the surface of the vessel.

The Stainless Steel plate is 2mm thick. This vase is made from a fine stainless steel tube and can bend if not treated gently. It holds only delicate flowers.

This is a beautiful marking of the hand-making process and is never the same on any two pieces.

A.C.V studio is a project by Anna Varendorff hand-making limited edition objects.


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Details and Materials


-Stainless Steel

Size (mm)

Approximately 310mm H x 320mm W

*As these pieces have been handmade sizes, pattern and colour will vary slightly.


Anna Varendorff