Emerald Forest (Sinningia bullata)

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Emerald Forest (Sinningia bullata)

Sinningia bullata is a popular and hardy Gesneriad, a Brazilian relative of the African Violet. It grows naturally as a tuber or caudex, often on very steep slopes. It’s grown mostly for its unusual crinkled foliage, which is hairy and alien-like when it first emerges from the tuber. It also produces orange flowers.

Unlike other tuberous Sinningia's, this species does not have a dormant period over winter. New leaves and shoots will emerge throughout the year, and apparently can even handle light frost. However, if the leaves look shabby you can snap them off at anytime and they will renew very quickly.


*As plants are natural products, form, pattern and colour will vary slightly.

Skill level


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Prefers bright light to filtered light.

Water throughout the year including winter. Plants can survive long periods without water but will not thrive.

Feed with slow-release fertiliser once every six months (refer to packaging for dosage).In the warmer months, feed monthly with a liquid fertiliser.

Cool to warm.

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